Harvard and MIT Changing Online Learning

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) launched in 2002, giving the world access to MIT courses. The program was a huge hit and instrumental in starting the online open education initiative. A decade later MIT is again changing online education. MIT has partnered with Harvard University to launch edX.

MIT and Harvard will jointly operate the edX platform with, Anant Agarwai as edX’s president.  Representatives from Harvard and MIT stated edX will not replace MIT OCW and students can use OCW to supplement their learning via edX. EdX will offer MITx and Harvardx undergraduate and graduate level courses to the world for free. Each university has committed to contribute $30 million to support edX. EdX is scheduled to launch in Fall 2012. The classes have not been decided, but the classes will come from various departments from both universities. The test class, Circuits and Electronics, launched this spring and had over 100,000 students to register.

Online learners are eager to take classes from; MIT and Harvard two distinguish institutes of learning.  The edX learning platform is specifically designed for learning via the web.  EdX is open source and will be available for universities to use in the future. The success of edX will change online learning forever.


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