I started this blog as part of a School of Webcraft assignment.  The School of Webcraft is part of the Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU). P2PU is an open learning project and it is free. P2PU has four schools: Webcraft, Social Innovation, Mathematical Future, and Education. It is a great opportunity to learn something new or to further develop skills that you already have.  It is an awesome learning community.

I’m currently in the HTML5 and Webmaking 101.  I love web design and web development, as well as collecting badges. I want to learn as much as I possibly can, and P2PU is a great resource.  If you’re interested in free learning opportunities join me at P2PU. I look forward to seeing new community members and seasoned community members in the next challenge.


8 thoughts on “P2PU FTW

  1. Rick Lell says:

    “Art, Technology, and Randomness”…I like that. I think we share a like frame of reference as I named my School of Webcraft blog “Tech Talks Tech…the miscellaneous meanderings of a web wizard in training”. You can see that I’m not much at writing as much of my postings are done first in Photoshop and uploaded to my blog as media.

    I’m wondering about SEO as WordPress.org doesn’t allow alt=”description or whatever” for the google-bots to read.as does Dreamweaver. Do you have any ideas or input in this area?

    Here’s my blog: http://rainbow-solutions.us/blog/



  2. Hey- I like what you wrote. I only skimmed your other post, but I must say, Finger painting is awesome! I love to create- just about anything! Nice job- Good luck 😉

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