Archer And Adult Cartoon Watchers


Archer season 4 poster

The fourth season of Archer started on January 17th.  Archer is one of the funniest television shows on the air in my opinion. It isn’t for everyone and it certainly isn’t for children. The show is racy, vulgar, violent, politically incorrect, and full of double entendres. However, the characters are so dysfunctional they make what would normally be seen as bad or offensive funny.

The 4th season’s first episode, Fugue and Riffs, has lots of brutally killed Russian hit squad members, beer labels used as pastes, recreational drug use, and a cyborg in space, and it was a funny episode. According to TV by the Numbers, the fourth season started with a bang. Season 4 episode 1 won its time slot. Apparently, Archer is a rave with many adults despite what some people believe.

I was on a message board and someone posted something about he/she decided he/she didn’t like Archer after seeing five minutes of an episode. The person also added that he/she didn’t watch cartoons because the person was an adult and not a child. He basically said watching cartoons was childish and insinuated that adult fans of Archer were childish. Several people stated that Archer was great but not for everyone. The best replay came from someone who pointed out that it took the poster five minutes to realize Archer was a cartoon. That response garnered a “HA HA” from me and an “Excellent” (but I didn’t pinch my fingers while saying it).

Cartoons like The Simpsons are made for adults and children.  A lot of us grew up watching The Simpsons and continue to watch it in our adulthood. Cartoons like Archer are made for adults. Don’t think because it’s a cartoon it is for children. Archer is James Bond the jerk version meets Arrest Development with elements of 60s spy shows and parodies. It is not for and will never be for children. It is 22 minutes of adult themes mixed with comedic situations and great timing.

Even if Archer were family friendly it would still be okay for adults to watch it. Adults are free to watch anything they want on television. Watching cartoons does not make you childish. It’s not like watching Scooby-Doo will cause you to act like a 5th grader. Adults enjoy your cartoons not just the ones geared towards adults.


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