Justice League Movie 2015


According to Latino Review the 2015 movie team, will consist of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, and Flash. The five heroes chosen aren’t a big surprise.  Batman and Superman are DC movie stars. They had to include Wonder Woman because every super hero group needs at least one kick ass chick. They can’t screw up Wonder Woman she has to be awesome. Green Lantern and Flash are still popular so yeah why not add them. The biggest surprise and disappointment for me is the absence of Martian Manhunter. Hawkman and Aquaman are also MIA. I guess they had too many “mans”.

The movie is set for release Summer 2015. We’ll see the most important battle of them all Avengers 2 vs. Justice League in

justice league vs avengers

_by_adam withers

the box battle for control of the universe, the comic book movie universe. My money is on The Avengers at least for now. The Avengers was a huge success for Marvel. Thor and Captain America were big hits at the box office. The two Iron Man movies were successful and Iron Man 3 might be the biggest hit for the franchise. DC did have success with the Batman trilogy. Batman scored two billion dollar titles. That’s better than any Marvel series, however DC bombed with Green Lantern.

DC’s, other movie superstar, Superman appears in theaters on June 14, 2013. Man of Steel is the latest Superman reboot. The new Superman movie has to be huge success for DC. Superman will set the tone for Justice League in 2015. Batman is awesome but he can’t carry the entire Justice League movie he’s going to need help from Superman. The movie poster for Man of Steele looks interesting, but the trailer is boring in my opinion. I’ve seen Superman fanboys and fangirls cheer for it. You can decide for yourself by viewing the trailer. The trailer did get over 95,000 thumbs up on YouTube.

Marvel is already wining the battle because they already have a hit with the Avengers’ first movie. Plus Marvel has a great lineup of movies leading to Avengers 2. Over 50 million people have watched the Iron Man 3 trailer on YouTube compared to about 27 million for Man of Steel. As a fan I hope that Avengers 2 and Justice League are great movies. Go Marvel. Go DC. Hurray for all comic book fans.


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