The Cable Car

A silver cable car with peopl

Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas

The Cable Car

I travel up this hill everyday

I watch the humans as they make their way

I don’t know if they are coming or going

Half the fun comes from not knowing

I imagine it being what I want it to be

I reflect their lives as I see

I see two lovers not wanting to say good-bye

Who knows it could be a lie

They could be two friends who like to hug

A hug expresses different forms of love

Or at least that’s what I heard

I don’t fully understand the word

I’ve heard the word love used by young and old

But it’s a word I’ve never been told

Is it when a man takes a woman by the hand?

Is love old friends travelling the land?

Maybe it’s in the painted messages I see

Love seems to be all around me

I’ve seen love in so many forms

I don’t know which are society’s norms

If I never truly understand love it’s okay

I am the cable car I reflect love everyday

by D. Geek Girl


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