Akame Ga Kill: Episode 24 Review

akame vs esdeath

Akame Ga Kill Finale 2014

Grade: B

Warning: Spoilers

I was excited to see the series finale for Akame Ga Kill. It featured a final boss level fight between Esdeath and Akame. Esdeath, the most powerful character in the anime. Death is in Esdeath’s name and she lived up to it. Akame, who could kill with one cut from the demon sword Murasame, was all that stood in Esdeath way.

The fight was fierce. It was well animated and the music was on point. Esdeath showed her mastery over ice while Akame displayed remarkable feats of agility and amazing swordsmanship. The battle was close. Each fighter needed to use her trump card.

New Form: Akame's Trump Card

New Form: Akame’s Trump Card

In the end strategy defeated raw power, Akame emerged victorious. Her skill as an assassin helped her to defeat Esdeath. Esdeath was too powerful, and her overconfidence in her trump card led to her downfall. Akame thought and fought like an assassin. A good assassin knows its target before going in for the kill. She knew about Esdeath’s trump card and her bloodlust. Akame used Esdeath’s overconfidence and bloodlust to her advantaged.

Akame’s win was believable. However, the fight was too short. It felt rushed, which was disappointing. The fight was good but had the potential to be great. Hopefully, if Akame vs Esdeath is endgame in the manga the writer and artist will do a better job.

The moment at the end between Esdeath and Tatsumi  was actually touching. It makes you think maybe, just maybe there was a very tiny chance Esdeath’s bloodlust could have been tamed by love.

esdeathandtatsumi-01  Esdeath went out only as she could.

The rest of the episode was blah. It had a “filler feel”. Leone, I liked seeing her take down the prime minister, but it felt like they just wanted to find a way to kill her. Her death was badly executed in my opinion. Her scenes at the end just seemed like they were drawing things out to fill time. Najenda’s ending scene with Akame seemed like they needed to fill time and make excuses. Some of the lines felt awkward. It felt like the writers did not know how use Najenda. Maybe the anime writers didn’t have enough insight into her character or were at a lost regarding how she’ll be used in the manga.

Best Moments:

They were all in the Akame vs Esdeath fight. Best fight of the season.

Biggest WTF Moment:

How and where Leone dies is quite the WTF moment. She deserved better.

Funniest Moment:


The rebels running toward Esdeath screaming they were going to get her. She froze them in .5 seconds. LOL

Akame vs Esdeath Wallpaper

Akame vs Esdeath

Akame vs Esdeath Wallpaper
1280 x 720


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