PBS Idea Channel :Korrasami Fan Art Request

PBS Idea Channel on Twitter: “REQUEST: does anyone have G or PG-rated slash fanart they’d let us use in next week’s episode about Korrasami?”.


My Favorite Google Doodles of 2012 (Part One)

I love Google Doodles. The artists are so talented and creative. I spent hours trying to choose my favorite Google Doodles of 2012. Google displayed 77 artistic version of their logo in 2012. The majority of the 2012 Google Doodles had a global theme.  A lot of the doodles focused on the day of independence for various countries or  a national day for a country.  Almost a fourth of the doodles were dedicated to the Olympics. All 77 of the doodles were creative. However, these 10 Google Doodles are my favorites of 2012:

10. August 12, 2012

The closing ceremony for the 2012 Olympics was fun. It was great seeing representatives from all over the world celebrating and having a good time. Plus we got to see the Spice Girls perform and Google spiced up our lives with this doodle.

Google Doodle: Closing Ceremony for 2012 Olympic

Google Doodle: Closing Ceremony for 2012 Olympic

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