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Fan Art Friday: Fan Art from 10 Anime Series I Watched In 2014

I watched several anime series in 2014. Some anime were worth the time to watch and others did not hold my interests. Some I enjoyed but weren’t popular enough to have fan art. Here are some amazing fan arts, from various fan artists, from some of the anime I watched from start to finish in 2014.

Hunter X Hunter (2011)

Hunter X Hunter by kevinTUT on DeviantArt

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akame vs esdeath

Akame Ga Kill: Episode 24 Review

akame vs esdeath

Akame Ga Kill Finale 2014

Grade: B

Warning: Spoilers

I was excited to see the series finale for Akame Ga Kill. It featured a final boss level fight between Esdeath and Akame. Esdeath, the most powerful character in the anime. Death is in Esdeath’s name and she lived up to it. Akame, who could kill with one cut from the demon sword Murasame, was all that stood in Esdeath way. Continue reading

Weekly Shōnen Jump Manga Artists

he Many Character of Shōnen Jump

By the Jump Mangakas

Weekly Shōnen Jump is one of the oldest and most popular shonen manga anthologies in Japan. The magazine is successful because of the talented people that work for the company. The manga artists  are so awesome fans enjoy watching them work. I found a few videos online of Weekly Shōnen Jump artists  displaying their talent.  These guys make you want to pick up a pen and draw, or make you wish you could draw as well as they can.  Continue reading