Weekly Shōnen Jump Manga Artists

he Many Character of Shōnen Jump

By the Jump Mangakas

Weekly Shōnen Jump is one of the oldest and most popular shonen manga anthologies in Japan. The magazine is successful because of the talented people that work for the company. The manga artists  are so awesome fans enjoy watching them work. I found a few videos online of Weekly Shōnen Jump artists  displaying their talent.  These guys make you want to pick up a pen and draw, or make you wish you could draw as well as they can.  Continue reading

The Amazing Art Of Wakfu


characters wakfu

WAKFU Character Sheet by xa-xa-xa

Wakfu is a French strategic MMORPG/cartoon/comic book/manga worldwide multimedia experience and brand by Ankama Games. The cartoon, comics, and manga are in French, but the art speaks the universal language of color, beauty, and creativity. The art style for Wakfu and its predecessor Dofus is original and vivid. Here are 10 great examples of Wakfu art by several artists that have worked for Ankama: Continue reading